Interdependencies of Technology

In a day, how extensively do we use our communication platforms? If you’re a person that is constantly on the move, these are lifesavers. Whether or not you’re work orientated, these applications are deeply embedded in your lifestyle. The growth of Artificial Intelligence has both negative and positive connotations, because it is still in unprecedented waters. The full comprehension regarding its utility is unknown and the degree of its implementations have not been clearly expressed. Read More...


Tech Conferences: A Boon and A Bane for Startups

Technology conventions and events are the prime locations for startups, investors and like minded groups to meet. These events if planned correctly have a great deal to offer their attendees; everything from talks with experts in various fields to viewing startups pitching their ideas on a stage in front of 100s, insightful workshops and of course free swag. Read More...


Brand Building — The Content Mentality

Why you should start thinking like a media company

Earlier, I wrote an article on how content consumption is dynamically changing and we as content creators need to adapt and execute on new platforms. This one is about Execution — How we executed brand building to create loyalty over volume. Read More...


“Executive platforms over Productivity platforms”

Let’s think about conversations. Every conversation that we initiate digitally is likely to have a defined actionable intention. Keeping recent developments and use-cases aside, the core idea of using any communication platform is to convey an intention. The end user still needs to reiterate what/when they need to do and spend more effort into acquiring more information on how much faster they can finish these tasks. The problem with the productivity applications is that they enable you to do more — smart scheduling, scheduling meetings, managing your or your team’s workflow (Awesome stuff) but there’s a dire need of a platform, nay an intelligence that can somehow tell you what you need to do from the context of your conversation (irrespective of where you choose to have this conversation). Read More...

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